Janet and David have been spreading the word about the power of the Neem Tree for many years.

As endorsers of the Neem Tree and ” Neem Rich ” products, we are bringing your attention to the amazing botanical products created by Neem Rich. They include Neem Rich Creams & Lotions, Shampoos, Conditioners, Soaps, Eye Gel, Lip Balm, Neem Oils and extracts for treatments of ailments such as Psoriasis, Eczema, Ulcers, Diabetes and Acne.

As well, we manufacture products for agriculture such as an insecticide, pesticide and fertilizer which not only fertilizes the crops but improves the quality of degraded soils, an ever increasing threat to our planet.

How David Discovered the Neem Tree

Growing up on a beef property one of my weekend and holiday tasks was to poison large trees the bulldozers couldn’t push out. I used a defoliant chemical from the Vietnam War and this was applied from a backpack via a plastic hose down to the axe head and squirted into the tree.

The chemical leaked down my back and over my hands….my Dad said “ you want to be careful with that ” but I was bullet proof… at that age.

The Bomb shell

Ten years later my daughter Kate was born with a heart abnormality and the cause was traced back to the highly toxic chemical 245T with Dioxin I had used in my teenage years.

The Journey Begins

We sold our business and moved onto a smaller property to grow macadamias and it was then I searched for alternate / traditional ways to farm and improve my health. A report on the effectiveness of neem to control agricultural pests in a newspaper led me on a multi-million dollar quest to farm successfully using neem.

With further searches I started to find out about a tree that is known as “ The Village Pharmacy ” in India and the contribution it’s making to people’s health. At this point I became an organic / bio-dynamic farmer.


The many research papers and books written about neem and its benefits led to the United Nations claiming the tree to be “ The Most Beneficial Tree to Humankind this Century ” and the US national Research Council 1992 released a book titled “ Neem: A Tree For Solving Global Problems ”

Not only is the tree a great benefit to mankind and our many ailments but also the tree has stopped the advance of the Sahara desert and created climate change with large plantings in India.

Within a joint venture, six ton of seed was imported and neem oil and seed extracts were released for research to sheep farmers and horticulturists.


There was very little product available on the market for our use so a Multi-Species Plantation Concept was designed within a 200Ha area and included Neem (azadirachta indica) as one selected species.

From that plantation we were able to supply raw material to a Company for the development of over 80 products.

Neem Salon Select Pet Range

Cottage Industry

In recent years Neem Products Australia was formed with world class personal and pet care products.

This has been a great time to meet people and hear their anecdotal stories. More and more people are taking responsibility for their health and their pets well being.

Discovering how natural botanical products can play an important part in solving particular skin problems is great for people finding it difficult to address their issues with success.

Commercial Marketing

The launch of our web site can open doorways for you to experience, as our friends have, the benefits from Neem products.

The Journey ( twenty one years ) with the humble neem tree has played an important part in our family’s wellness. Two thousand years of use by the people of India for numerous illnesses attests to the efficacy of this wonderful herb.

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