Some years are better than others, but when it comes to this year we have had so many of our customers say ‘my little dog is scratching and there’s nothing there’  or  ‘ my dog has fleas can your products help?’

Some dogs only need one flea bite and off they go, scratching till they have made a really irritated patch of skin. At Neem Products Australia our Dog & Kennel Wash is going out the door very quickly as it seems to give relief to the effects of a flea bite, irritated itching from mites, and also relief from allergy symptoms in pets.

The Dog & Kennel Wash is economical as you only need a capful in a tub of water if  you have a small dog, a couple of capfuls in a bucket of water if washing a large dog outside. After you have washed your dog, rinse the bubbles or soap off. Mix a capful of Dog & Kennel Wash with a few litres of water and sponge or pour over your dog, paying particular attention to their tail area, tummy, back of the head and around the neck, under their legs and dunk each paw in the rinse. Now the important part – don’t rinse off. Leave this mix on and dry off as usual.  You can even rinse the pet’s brushes, toys, towels in the remaining liquid and dry in the sun for a more effective way of eliminating bacteria and doggy odours.

Flea bites cause irritation – Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD). It is the most common skin disease of domestic dogs. Did you know fleas are  blood feeders, the femal fleas can consume up to 10 times their weight in 24 hours, they feed often.  Fleas are survivors and flea pupae can lay dormant up to one year before new adult fleas emerge, this is why regular treatment of all pets in your household is important for flea control and the overall wellbeing of your pets.

With a 100% money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose, try the Dog & Kennel Wash today. Available in these convenient sizes   250ml, 1L,  5L and 20L  and also in a ready to use 750 ml trigger pack.

Many people have asked what neem is and how is it used. This clip, one of many from youtube gives an insight into the origin of neem and it’s many uses. This videoclip features Dr Suzuki.

Some people are happy to use whatever they can lay their hands on when cleaning the floor, or the bathroom or even washing the dishes. Let’s face it, any sort of cleaning can be a real nuisance and a pain in the neck.

What if you could be doing something good for the environment and do your chores at the same time?  Well now you can. We have put together a fantastic package of environment and user friendly products especially for you.

Our products have no dangerous chemicals in them and are made from natural products including Organic Tasmanian Spearmint Oil. No dangerous bleach here!

The Deluxe personal care and home care pack includes a natural ‘Green Aussie’ Cleaner and beautiful products for you to use daily and experience the feeling of using natural products without chemicals on your skin and in your hair. Feel better and feel the power of Neem.

Thankfully you can be certain of only the best products at a reasonable price and, if new to organic products, experience the change to natural organic products.

The moment you start using the household cleaner, or nourishing your face with the moisturizing cream, or washing your hair with the beautiful smell of Waterlily, you’ll know you’ll be in the middle of a special experience.

And unlike other products that are sent out to you with no-one to speak to, we are right here at the end of the phone to answer your questions and accept your feedback. At Neem Products Australia with our ‘Neem First’ products we want to give you the best products available with the best customer service.

Upgrade your deluxe organic personal care and home care pack to the Gold Deluxe Pack and enjoy the delicate scent of Waterlily in the SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulphate) Free Shampoo and Conditioner. You will also receive our signature Gold Neem Eye Gel that is so light it doesn’t clog your pores and glides on beautifully around the delicate eye area. Choose from lime, musk, his, hers or a natural crystal deodorant and protect your lips from the sun with our lip balm that is effective with cold sores and does not leave a sticky residue. You would never know you are wearing it under lipstick.

These products contain the largest number of anti-oxidants known to man. Higher even than goji berries, blueberries, etc.

Neem Products Australia has a standard of providing world class products that once used, will speak for themselves. You'll be feeling fantastic… and with cash to spare!

Want a clear conscience and be left smelling sweet and natural?..Go for it! Neem First – order now! or call or fax your order through to 07 5522 1748. Direct deposit details are ANZ Bank Account Name:  Neem Health Plus PL,  BSB:   015 901,  Acct No:  485801796.



Neem Healing – Traditional and Historical Uses

Neem has been used in ancient Ayurveda & Unani medicine for over 5,000 years in India where it is revered as “The Wonder Tree” and as “The Village Pharmacy”. All parts of the tree are used. The leaves, seeds, bark, fruit, extracts and oils derived from these, have very specific applications in medicine, toiletries and cosmetics, public health, agriculture and pest control.

In Sanskrit writings the Neem Tree is known as “Aristha” – meaning the reliever of all diseases and it use in Hindu medicine dates back to early times.


Whilst there are limited approvals by the regulatory authorities in Australia for Neem products we believe that its use for over 5,000 years by millions of people for many complaints demonstrates that it can be used in a number of ways to benefit humans for a wide range of ailments, some of which are summarised in the attached schedule. In the interest of providing further & better information we suggest that pregnant & lactating women & those wishing to become pregnant should avoid using Neem products unless recommended by their health practioner.

We further acknowledge that we make no claims to cures which may or may not be directly related to Neem but we submit that the use of Neem and the anecdotal evidence suggests that Neem may assist humans to cure themselves. Remember also, that in great traditional medical systems or folk medicines such as in China or India, the therapeutic value of substances were discovered by trying out herbs and other natural substances and finding out what worked for the patient by experience. That approach is still valid. Natural products are meant to support the body’s attempts to maintain good health.

This information is provided for education and information purposes only. It is not intended to take the place of timely medical attention and/or the doctor/patient relationship. Professional advice should be sought prior to using medicines and botanicals and the same procedure should be used with Neem.

For those of you who are familiar with Neem and its wonderful benefits you will not necessarily need to read the rest of this text, but for those of you who are being introduced to Neem for the first time, then we invite you to read and share our philosophy as to how this wonderful and exciting tree can benefit us all.

The Neem story is a truly remarkable story as this tree has properties which have been used for thousands of years in Ayuverda (The Science of Life). It provides incredible opportunities for the future of our planet in terms of preserving the eco system, reducing pollution, promoting sustainable and green agricultural practises, the healing and cleansing of all of us including the animal kingdom and also to combat the activities of evermore aggressive and destructive insect pests. These not only destroy our ability to produce food for the people of this world but also cause wide ranging health problems (including malaria – still the largest killer disease on this planet) and which make life unpleasant by biting and infecting us with many chronic diseases.

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