For many years Neem Tea has been a natural aid for people experiencing symptons of Arthritis, blood disorders, rheumatism, diabetes, headaches, colds, Eczema, Psoriasis, malaria and levelling pH.

We have found drinking Neem Tree with 100% neem leaf can be bitter for some. Why not try adding a dash of honey, infusion of lemon or lime. Drink a couple of cups a day hot or chilled. For Gout it gives wonderful relief as many a man has found out.

Although it has a bitter taste, that bitterness is the very thing that invokes healthy changes in your body. For those who do not have the time to enjoy a cup of tea try Neem Leaf Capsules - easy to take and they do the trick just as well.

In Ayuverda Neem is regarded as a natural blood purifier. Try a daily detox while enjoying a hot cup of tea.


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