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Super Boost for Dogs, Cats, Poultry, Birds & Fish
Pet Super Boost is a humic and fulvic acid based stock food supplement containing chelated forms of copper, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc, calcium, phosphorus, selenium and other micro-elements. Its broad spectrum mineral nutrition helps strengthen animal & bird health and vitality. Fulvic acid is an electrolyte to create cellular balance, which has many associated benefits including improved digestion, health and vigour. Humic acid is a recognised digestive aid for all domestic animals and is a powerful tool to improve feed utilisation. Pet Super Boost also has powerful detox properties and is a microbe stimulant.

BENEFITS · Non-toxic ·Stabilises intestinal flora · Reduces water loss · Helps bind and dispose of toxins · Stimulates the immune system DOSAGE: Dogs: Small 1/4 teaspoon; Medium 1/2 teaspoon; large 1 teaspoon, in food 3 times per week Cats: 1/3 teaspoon in food 3 times per week Poultry: 1g per 1Kg (0.1%) of feed once a week Birds: 1/8 teaspoon every time the seed container is filled

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